Sportability – The Film and The Podcast

Sport’ability from Dee Honeybun on Vimeo.

A big thank you to everyone who came to the screening on Saturday 19th March at the Vestry House Museum.

And a big thank you to Nick and The Stow Film Lounge

Here are a few images from the screening.


Setting up – the run through


Sportability – The Screening Saturday 19th March 2016

Sportability – The full stories

We want to share the amazing stories we were told over the last year.  Too many to include them all in our film, so please visit our podcast to hear all the stories in full.

We are unable to embed the podcast player.  Please click on the images below and they will take you to our podcast.

Interview with Hannah Beharry

We were very excited to be joined by Hannah Beharry, Double European Medalist, Nine years as UK Number 1 boxing for England and Great Britain. She spoke about her background and how she became involved in Boxing. It was very interesting to talk to Hannah and we were able to ask some questions about her advice for young people and also to talk to her about our core skills and if she used any of them.  She uses all of them! Click the image to visit our podcast and hear Hannah talk – a must!


That’s How I Keep Fit

Not everyone we spoke to actively engages in sporting activities.  Some people were more active when they were younger, others enjoyed using dvd’s and exercising in the privacy of their own home. Some people kept fit through daily running around and organizing…


How to do a Rainbow Flip and a Ronaldo Chop

Sadly not one of our best recordings, but a delightful explanation of how to do a Rainbow Flip and a Ronaldo Chop.  A young boy with a passion for football.


Sprinting and Rock Climbing

The great thing about interviewing people is that you never know what their story will be.  This young lady loves running and she is very good at it.  Her story also highlights the importance of chance discoveries and acting on them.  A discovery whilst on holiday uncovered a skill for rock climbing.


Cross Country Running

An inspiring story showing the impact of an inspirational teacher. A school running team introduces a young boy to cross country running and he discovers something he is very good at.


Skateboarding Is My Main Sport

Often there is one sport we keep coming back to and persevere with. Since the age of 5 skateboarding has been the main sport and stamina and co-ordination help when in the skate park.


My Favourite Sport is Running

A recurring theme with many people we spoke to was enjoyment of many different sports.  For some there is one sport that is a favourite.  Running in the park makes it possible to run whenever you want to even after a visit to the Walthamstow Garden Party and taking part in many different activities.


Local Sports And Abilities

At any age, sport can be very beneficial.  It is great to try new sports and some take part in many different sports.  A young man explains about the different sports he takes part in ; swimming, capoeira and cycling, and talks about the abilities he identified whilst taking part in Sportability.


Enjoying Playing Tennis

How a young man enjoyed playing tennis and seeing all the games


Picking Up The Ball

A lovely description of the Sportability games played at the Walthamstow Garden Party and the skills and abilities demonstrated by the young participant.


A Natural Ability

There is a broad range of sports – sometimes what we take part can be limited to what is available close to where we live or we can learn about different sports through word of mouth. There are also occasions when we are in the right place at the right time and we are introduced to new sports randomly. A climbing wall introduces a young girl to climbing and she discovers a natural ability. Here she explains how she can see the ‘little places where you place your hands.’


Other Sports Help…

A young footballer really enjoys playing football at school.  He also takes part in other sports such as swimming and arts activities; drama.  He uses skills from different activities to help with his football.

other sports

Always Loved Sports

A returning theme is a love of many different sports.  Football is a favorite, but cricket and tennis are also very popular.  Sometimes, a passion for sports will lead to career.


Common Sense Needed For Football

Good local facilities give access for young people to play sports. These can be very valuable especially when they are affordable for a young person.


Hidden Talent

Hidden talent and a love of football can reveal itself at any age…


Enjoying Cycling

Sometimes the sports we enjoy when we are young are temporarily put on hold. As a young man, cycling was a regular activity and now, other things have taken priority, but the love of cycling is still there and most definitely not forgotten about.


My Proudest Moment

Over the course of the project, we uncovered different sporting stories.  Some people have a passion and can take part in many different sports.  Others excel at one. Whilst at school, sport is part of the weekly timetable.  Some we enjoy, other sports not so much.  It is part of growing up and trying new things.  Swimming was the sport that Mike shone in – after trying other sports and struggling, being in the house swimming team was his proudest moment.


Football has always been part of my life

During the project we were lucky to speak to many people and one sport kept being mentioned again and again – of course it was football.  Different sports were played but for  some there is one  which is the most important…


Hoop La, Racing and Tennis

There were a number of different games for visitors to take part in during the weekend of the Walthamstow Garden Party in 2015. Sportability teamed up with Salaam Peace who brought with them a fantastic game of short tennis.  With expert teaching from Salaam Peace skills improved very quickly, especially for a young boy who had broken his right arm and was playing with his left.  A soft ball meant he could play… and he was delighted.


 ‘More of a walking swimmer…’

Swimming is fantastic exercise and many of those we talked to enjoyed being in the pool.  For some the competitive element was a sense of achievement and for others swimming is more about a leisurely gentle approach.  Lindsey describes herself as being a ‘walking swimmer’, someone who takes a very gentle approach to swimming.  She was inspired  by the athletes who competed at the Paralympics during 2012 and later took part in the Swimathon


 ‘It’s more fun to play as a team’

It’s been really interesting talking to people and finding out about different sports and different reasons for taking part in those sports.  Some enjoy the time spent by themselves and others like the shared experience of teamwork.  For Ausrine, teamwork is more fun, it helps her to do more. With others around to motivate she feels she can achieve more, it is something that pushes her to find her limits.


Football – A Game You Share

In our latest episode, we hear about a love of football, not just following a team, but the benefits of playing it, at any level, where ever there is a space to set up a pitch and a goal. Also, how even with  the influences of life limiting how much you can play, early participation helps the body over the years.


Growing Up And Sailing

Two episodes this week.

Sometimes the sporting activities we have access to are influenced by where we live. Living close to lakes and having regular sailing lessons at school began a life long passion for sailing.


Episode 2

Sometimes the sporting activities we have access to are influenced by where we live. Living close to lakes and having regular sailing lessons at school began a life long passion for sailing. In this second episode we hear about some of the more challenging aspects of sailing on the sea.


Hopping Across The Swimming Pool

A cheeky youthful 25 metres… and loving Lidos and outdoor swimming  How perseverance has helped with learning to swim and developing a passion for outdoor swimming.


This week we hear how sport helps a very young person with other skills and how Sportability helped with this young person’s tennis skills.


Newly added, Mike, a retired PE teacher talks about his favorite sports, his sporting heroes and the positive values of sport whatever your involvement.



The first interview is Sab from Salaam Peace. He was interviewed at the Fathers Football, a weekly session run by Salaam Peace through Church Hill Children’s Centre. He talks about his passion for sport and how sports can be used as a way of bringing people together.


Sab – Salaam Peace


Experiments with rolling and rebound

One of our aims with Sport’ability was to find new ways to get the ball from A-B. Being a creative project, we were also looking at new ways or materials to make the ball with.  We began by trying  known patterns for making ball shapes and used different materials.  We made some beautiful looking balls, some slightly more spherical than others!  One thing that became clear was the functionality of the ball – bounce as such wasn’t really important but the momentum when it rolled was, as was the rebound when being batted back and forth.  We understood that both momentum when rolled and rebound when batted could be influenced by other factors such as the angle of the tube or the materials of the bat strings… but we soon realised that if the tube needed to be vertical for the ball to get from A to B to game soon became very limited.  Likewise with the batting game; batting a ball with no rebound was not only very tiring, the game became very short and players had to stand very close to each other.

Our experiments developed a number of different balls, some of which are below.  Some didn’t survive the process or were consigned to the bin through frustration!

Paper/Card balls – beautiful to look at. Sadly too fragile and too long to make.

card-ball  paper-ball

Net/Tulle balls – Very pretty but no weight,roll or rebound

pink-net-ball net-ball

Plastic Ball – good weight for rolling.  This was decorated and used as part of the tube game.

Paper Pom Pom Ball – great for batting and it makes a lovely sound…


Sponge Ball – another good one for batting – lots of bounce.


Episodes in the Life of Bounce – Cabinet Magazine.

There is a very interesting article  in Cabinet Magazine (issue 56 Sports/Winter 2014/2015) Episodes in the Life of Bounce. It sheds light on the origins of the humble rubber ball.

Sport’ability at Church Hill Nursery

Rosette Making

Continuing on from the success of the Walthamstow Garden Party, Sport’ability’s next stop was Church Hill Nursery School.

It was great fun.  We played all the games and the children made medals to celebrate their skills.


Can we get the ball from A to B? With a 12 metre tube and a hill, sending the ball down the hill was easy. But it required a lot of running to keep up with the ball – it rolled very fast…


Great fun was had chasing the balls and filling the bucket to take them back to the top of the hill.  Teamwork  coordination, perseverance and imagination were needed.


The Batting game took a few new turns; how far can we bat the ball, and can we catch the ball.  Coordination and teamwork were needed for good games of catching and throwing.

batting-game-2 batting-game-1

We introduced a game from the Walthamstow Garden Party.  Felt and Stick game.  Shuttlecocks were covered in net.  Can we throw them to stick on the target.  Good coordination was needed to make this game stick.

velcro-game-2 velcro-game-1

Of course, the games are not complete without a medal to celebrate sporting abilities.

rosette-making-3 rosette-making-1

Congratulations to everyone who took part and a big thank you to everyone who helped.

Sport’ability at The Walthamstow Garden Party

Preparing for the day

We had a fantastic weekend at The Walthamstow Garden Party.  Thank you to everyone who came along and took part in our games.  It was inspiring to see all the teamwork, imagination, perseverance and coordination over the two days.  It was interesting to hear about the different ways that you have become involved in sports and particularly inspiring to hear Hannah Beharry (two times England boxing champion) speak about her own experiences and her perseverance as a woman in a very male sport. Having had a go with Mitt training, I was worn out after only a few minutes!


Over the weekend Lesley, Vanessa, Gabriela, Akiko, Caroline and Dee helped with…


…batting, tilting, bowling, throwing, racing, volley balling…. 


and a huge thanks to Marcelo, Ausrine, Bes, Abdi and Sab from Salaam Peace,


who brought great sports and games and helped with all the batting, tilting, bowling, throwing, racing, volley balling….

Quote from Sab Bham,Director, Community Engagement, Salaam Peace

Salaam Peace were extremely honoured to be a part of the Sportability element of the Walthamstow Garden Party. The team of staff/volunteers from Scribble and Smudge share passion for arts as we have for community engagement through sport. Therefore it was always an easy fit with us working together. We see this as the first of many initiatives in the borough that we can work on as a partnership. Local people working together to BE THE CHANGE IN OUR COMMUNITY WE WANT TO SEE.


We have put together some images from the weekend and will be going through the video and amazing stories over the next few weeks.

The Batting Game

Batting Game


The Batting Game

The Batting Game. Weaving ribbons to transform the hoop into a giant bat.

Batting Game

Batting Game







Tube Bowling


18th and 19th July 2015 12 – 5 pm The Walthamstow Garden Party

Sport’ability can be found on the Walthamstow Garden Party blog.

We are looking forward to meeting everyone at the Walthamstow Garden Party over the weekend of Saturday 18th July and Sunday 19th July.  Join us between 12 and 5pm and take part in our inventive sporting games. No skill is required. Take part, have fun and celebrate your achievements. Sport’ability is part of the William Morris Gallery Useful and Beautiful craft marquee and trail. Join Scribble and Smudge between Artillery Island and the Children’s playground /walthamstow garden party We are very excited to be joined by Salaam Peace on both days.  They will be alongside us with football, boxing and cricket. On Sunday we present guest speaker: Hannah Beharry, two times England boxing champion.  Hannah will join us at 3.00pm and will talk about the impact that sport and boxing has had on her life. Over the weekend filmmaker Dee Honeybun will be recording stories of your sporting skills. We would like to tell your stories through our film Sport’ability and to celebrate personal tales of undiscovered or innate abilities.  The film will be screened in the autumn at The Stow Film Lounge.

poster Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th July
Baby races, Giant batting games, Giant net tilt game, Fuzzy felt throw, Tube bowling.
Timed games throughout the day.
With Salaam Peace; football, boxing and cricket
Sunday 19th July 3.00 pm
Guest speaker: Hannah Beharry,  two times England boxing champion at 3.00 p.m 
Hannah has not only excelled in boxing but has become an ambassador for sports. Her path to boxing was not easy in a male dominated sport…
For regulars to our blog, you will know that earlier in the year we were at Whitefield Schools and Centre. Here is a short film to show some of the activities we got up to.
<p><a href=”″>Sport’ability With Whitefield Schools and Centre</a> from <a href=”″>Dee Honeybun</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Lega’say’ Stories of 2012 (A four minute version)

With the Walthamstow Garden Party only a few weeks away, we are looking forward to meeting everyone and talking about your sporting abilities and recording your stories. With this in mind, we thought it would be good to see Lega’say’ again, the project that inspired Sport’Ability.

This is the award winning four minute version of the film.  It was awarded Best Animation at the Walthamstow International Film Festival in 2013.

<p><a href=”″>Legasay</a&gt; from <a href=”″>Dee Honeybun</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Creativity, Imagination and Problem Solving at Whitefield Schools and Centre

A lucky group of students from Whitefield Schools and Centre had the opportunity to work with Dee Honeybun and Scribble and Smudge on their latest Lega’say’ project, Sport’Ability, over the course of four sessions.The students, who were from the primary and the secondary departments and ranged from 6 -18, all got a great deal out of the experience. It was great to see their enthusiasm for the sporting games which were so inventively created by the artists. Students showed creativity, great imagination and problem solving as well as excellent team work. They embraced the newly invented games with enthusiasm.

Team work playing the net game

Students at Whitefield Schools and Centre work together to play the net game.

The hoop becomes a bat, but who is on the other side?

Students drop the ball into the tube – where will it come out?

The students then showed great originality and focus for the art sessions and produced some stunning trophies.

The beautiful decorated trophies.

The beautiful decorated trophies.


The final session, a celebration of the project, was just that. It was heart warming to see the pride in the students as they collected their rosettes and trophies, cheered on by one another and then smiles of recognition when they saw themselves and their friends in the video.


Watching the Sport’Ability video

As a teacher, it was great to see how well the students took to these sessions. Fun and celebrating achievements were at the heart of it and that was clear by how thoroughly the artists planned the sessions following discussions about abilities. Student’s abilities were highlighted and recognised as something to be celebrated in a context outside to their every day learning. It was great to see how much happiness, cheering and laughter were produced throughout the sessions concluded with beaming smiles at the finale!

Students with their rosettes and trophies

Students with their rosettes and trophies

Erin McCarthy

Sport’Ability – The Awards Ceremony at Whitefield Schools and Centre

On Wednesday 20th May 2015 the awards ceremony for Sport’Ability was held at Whitefield Schools and Centre.  Students were awarded rosettes and trophies to celebrate their Sport’Abilities. This list  celebrated many skills; teamwork, coordination, imagination…

Students on the podium with their rosettes.

Students on the podium with their rosettes.

Watching the Sport'Ability video

Watching the Sport’Ability video

Being presented with the rosette.

Being presented with the rosette.

Walking up the red carpet to the podium.

Walking up the red carpet to the podium.

Students with their rosettes and trophies

Students with their rosettes and trophies

Walthamstow Garden Party 2015

18th and 18th July 20
Lloyds Park, Walthamstow,
We are very excited to be part of the Walthamstow Garden Party this year. A free weekend of music, theatre, arts and crafts, food and family activity brought to the borough by Create London, the Barbican and Waltham Forest Council.
We will be there with creative games and celebrations.  A full schedule will be announced over the next few weeks.

Trophy making with the students at Whitefield Schools and Centre

Following on from the activities, cheering and applause when creating and playing new sports and games at Whitefields Schools and Centre, we all got our hands mucky and discovered different ways of constructing shapes to build trophies to celebrate abilities and achievements.

Covering the cardboard structure with mod roc

Students used cardboard structures to build the trophies before covering them in mod roc

Students used cardboard structures to build the trophies before covering them in mod roc

Some trophies were covered with glitter.

Some trophies were covered with glitter.

The students chose different 3D shapes to begin constructing their trophies.
Using coloured mod-roc to help make the trophy.

Different approaches were taken to decorating the trophies. Brightly coloured mod-roc was a quick way to create a bright background.

decorating-with-blue  painting-trophy


Trophies waiting to dry before embellishing and creating final details.

Once the trophies were painted they were given time to dry before final embellishments.


Before we embellished the trophies, the students watched a short video of the games they played the previous week.

Before we embellished the trophies, the students watched a short video of the games they played the previous week.

Alongside making trophies, students worked with different materials and the weaving process to make medals.

Alongside making trophies, students worked with different materials and the weaving process to make medals.


Using embroidery threads to weave with.

The beautiful decorated trophies.

The beautiful decorated trophies.